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I have worked with him in the past and I think he’s uber-talented. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. We’re on the same record label and yeah…” Solange say’s it how it is that’s what I like about her and let’s be real there was no way you believed she was checkin Wale right?? Any single mother contributing to society the way she does — I got a lot of love for them. native released brand new visuals for the G-Eazy-assisted track, “Fashion Week,” which follows Wale’s recent single, “Fish N Grits.” READ: Wale Reveals Release Date And Tracklist For His ‘Shine’ Album Here, in this Romain Cieutat-directed video, Folarin, donning a dapper suit, and Eazy, who wears a casual jacket, t-shirt, slacks complete with his signature slicked back hair, delve into the world of models, dancers and high fashion.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. We’re not going to have sex 24/7 so we need to be friends. She’s got to do a lot on her own and raise a young black man in this day and age, so my hat goes off to her. And the way she can do that and manage to do the same things that I complain about having to do.”His affection is as obvious as a set of flushed cheeks, and impossibly adorable. He’s sprawled across his bed; head practically buried in the pillow. Solange Knowles was divorced with a child by the age of 21, has had an illustrious music career, started a record label and was named the Creative Director of Puma all before turning 30 years old.

It don’t hurt if she can sing a little bit.”“I think people try too hard to market to females,” says Wale. I feel like there are going to be a lot of females who miss out on some great music on my album just because I wasn’t a huge radio artist.”This is my biography,” Wale says of Attention: Deficit, which leaked a couple of weeks before its official date.

Just going through a marriage and a divorce—which I essentially did by 21—will give you an insane amount of perspective on life," she told the women's magazine."Everyone talks about how, in your 30s, all of these growing pains transition into wisdom and you feel more self-assured and confident.

But I think I had a bit of a jump-start on that at 27."She also explained that her long-lasting relationship with Alan Ferguson, a successful video director, has helped give her a sense of balance in per personal life.

was originally supposed to drop next Friday (May 5), but last night Wale announced, “I’m dropping this bitch on Friday,” meaning the project should arrive tomorrow (April 28).

It’s been a long time coming for , as Wale dropped the first single for the project last summer.

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It will feature Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, G-Eazy, Chris Brown and more.