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Updating the maps on your GPS device used to be a complete pain in the butt.

You'd have to order your update on CD, DVD, or SD card and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

The GPS software controls how satellites are received and tracked while the unit software controls how the unit functions in terms of the user interface and tracking dogs.

When running Webupdater, it will update the main unit software and then ask if you want to check for additional updates.

Garmin lost an otherwise faithful client by making very poor software with awful information.

When you run Webupdater, all it does is copy a file named to your device.

Updating your Garmin maps has become easier over the past few years, as the company has streamlined its maps update processes and access points.

However, map updating has also become more complex, as we use more devices for more activities, and we access updates online.

The GPS software in the Astro handheld is maintained separately from the main unit software.If you prefer your maps free, you can use open source maps from Open Street Map.A GPS device is only as good as its maps, so you want to make sure that you have the newest, most accurate map data available before you hit the road.When you turn it back on, the unit notices this file, reads it and burns the contents into its protected memory.On your computer while webupdater is running or on the device itself when you power it back up?

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Getting Official Garmin Map Updates Using Maps from Other Sources Community Q&A Before you go on a road trip, you may want to update the maps on your Garmin Nuvi GPS device so you have the latest map data and won’t get lost.

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