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Here, 10 lessons I'm taking to heart, inspired by my well-dressed boyfriend. There are absolutely no outliers like patterned jackets or ill-fated distressed jeans. Yes, this is easier for men's fashion, which is less trend-driven, but if we avoid the temptation of a flash-in-the-pan fashion moment 3) Have a wardrobe for every occasion or outing.

Just like you have your work and weekend wardrobe, invest in pieces that stand up to a black tie invitation, a ski weekend in Vermont or wherever else you might have to eschew your daily uniform, especially if you expect to reach for these pieces a couple times a year.

If he encourages you to do this before you’re ready, you will forever resent him for what you missed out on.

Now that it’s easier to get a first date, more people are going on them, and it’s burning some big holes in their wallets.

The article gives examples of dates in New York City or San Francisco that total up to 0.

In 2001, Gordon Gekko is released from prison after serving time for insider trading and securities fraud.

In 2008, Gekko is promoting his new book Is Greed Good? His estranged daughter, Winnie, runs a small, non-profit news website and is dating Jacob Moore, a top trader at Keller Zabel Investments (KZI).

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Consider a highlight reel of the local bachelors I’ve come across on Tinder: a guy posing with Steve Wozniak (I think this was supposed to be impressive?